Charles Diggs

Visual & Interactive Designer

Hi. Welcome to my portfolio. I am an easy-going Designer and Coder who loves to think conceptually when it comes to user interface design. I think best-practices (trends), are great but I don't believe they should "limit" fresh creativity & new ideas. As you scroll down, I will show you design work from my past. I hope you enjoy your experience.


Health & Wellness

Keas    |     San Francisco, CA    |    2012 - 2013

As a Sr. Visual Interactive Designer at Keas, I helped design new features to improve user engagement within the Keas wellness platform. Keas promotes healthier living for employees, and also aims to simplify Human Resources related processes. The Keas Health/Wellness platform is currently used by thousands of employees at large, and medium sized, enterprise companies such as Salesforce, Pfizer, & Safeway.


I've crafted numerous user interfaces & users flows, and even developed my own games, websites, & prototypes in HTML, CSS, Javascript, Flash & and Actionsript 3. I've worked with some pretty amazing teams, and individuals, along the way as well. As the tools, & trends, of the "Designer" evolve, so do I. This portfolio represents some of that evolution. I hope you enjoyed it.

The two silhouettes in the logo are my father & I. Together, with the signature, it symbolizes a creative, artistic family, who aspire to use art & design to help create beautiful experiences for others to enjoy. It is a branding launch pad for my family and I as we pursue more creative endeavors in the future. ~ Charles Diggs Jr.